The very first “Smarta Sheck” blog post

2022 Updates will be italicized.

No, my name isn’t “Smarta Sheck.” It’s Tina. My blog-slash-website’s name is “Smart as Heck.”  (“Smarta Shell” was already taken.) Still true.

I’m doing the blog because I need a bigger audience. Really? My current audience is my family, and sometimes there are friends too, upon whom I lavish the details of my current homemaking experiments. Some friends are interested; some want to run away. Some probably want to punch me in the face because they work at full-time jobs and can’t even manage to unpack a box of instant rice, while I’m creating stuff at home.  Most of it is pretty good too; that’s why my family puts up with me. Lately I’ve been perfecting the recipe for white sandwich bread. So my kids are being fairly nice, although they do NOT want to hear the details of how I coaxed even more YUM into the bread this week.

I haven’t made that fantastic white bread in 5 years. It was a Julia Child recipe. So good….

Some of you out there on the internets might like to hear about it, though! Uhhhhhhhh…..

I just want to share my experiences with like-minded people, or at least with those of you who are interested, whether or not you will actually try some of these things yourselves. Oh, and I don’t just cook.  I garden and landscape, I sew, I paint… I brewed my first batch of beer for a friend’s birthday last December.  (We used his supplies; now we are “keeping” the stuff at our house!) That beer was good. Now we buy our beer in bottles that someone else brewed, like normal people.

By the way, I do NOT think I am “smart as heck.” I like to take other people’s smart ideas and see if they work for me, too.  I don’t think my dogs are as smart as heck, either.  However, a picture or two may pop up on my blog (see above photo.) My dogs are Cutea Sheck. No matter how cute your dog is, the wheels of time roll on. We are now down to only one dog, Biggie Smallz.


  1. Fritha Matus

    Tina– your blog is amazing and YOU are AMAZING!!!!!
    I have decided ThAt when i grow up I want to be just like you!

    Being a sea dweller and hopefully in the near future a sea/urban dweller, how can i have a garden like yours? Any ideas for container gardens on a boat… Or apt/loft in the big city? Love the squash/greens idea… Not sure squash would be. Cockpit friendly. May have to arrange a tour of your garden sometime….

    • Tina DeSoto

      I am touched, Fritha! I’ll share some produce with you, and you can play some beautiful music on your baby grand for me! Deal?

      You’re going to have to do a hydroponic herb or tomato pot on deck. A guy told me how – outdoors with no pumps or anything more specialized than liquid fertilizer and a drain bucket! Intriguing!!!

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