1. said:

    Thank you for the amazing advice. It will be truly helpful in my future endeavors. I started tomato plants with some success in a whiskey barrel several years ago. One day I spotted those horned worms and realized there were five on one plant. I was horrified and have not planted anything edible since (I am not grounded enough to pick them off with my hand). I have to admit that combined with the horror was a genuine sense of intrigue. Where do they come from? We had never had them before, we have certainly never seen this beast crawling around looking for delicious fruit So how had they arrived?
    Our lovely neighbor threw one over the fence one year and it landed in our pool. By the time it was discovered it was the size of a small snake. We joked that entire summer about worms falling from the sky and landing on unsuspecting tomato plants.
    But seriously my renaissance friend, I am committed to starting some herbs and then perhaps I can work my way up. Thank you again. Your writing is as beautiful as you are and I am enjoying your blog. Xoxo. See you soon.

    June 3, 2014
    • Tina DeSoto said:

      Melissa: TOMATO WORMS FREAK ME OUT! I can handle bugs, but I definitely have a bug-size threshold. Did you ever see the newer King Kong movie? There is a scene where they fight off this horde of giant bugs and worms. Aaaaak! That must be how you felt with the tomato worm in your pool!
      I appreciate it when my mom comes over. The giant worms don’t bug (!) her at all. I, on the other hand, have to wear gloves, and I sound like a baby crying. A baby crying AND cussing.

      I think you should plant some basil in that whiskey barrel. If it gets water and some shade from the later-afternoon sun, it will be fine. Then you can make “Miracle Sauce.” I am going to post the how-to today.

      Thank you for your compliments! It means more than you know, especially coming from someone I admire and enjoy so much. Hooray – It’s summer water polo season! Time for jugs of hard cider and Hangar 24 in the parking lot :) -Tina

      June 4, 2014

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