World Cup Woes

It’s been almost two years since I canceled our Fios service. We were spending $150 a month to watch television, plus another $130 for phone and internet. Ridiculous, right? It was something that bothered my conscience, being that we were dealing with a heavy mortgage payment and had all of the standard bills and kid expenses lots of other people have. I canceled Fios, gave back the digital tuner boxes, and changed to a phone/internet plan for $100 a month. I bought a $30 digital antenna that picks up two network channels. Not great, but it’s better than nothing. For an additional $20 monthly fee, we have Hulu and Netflix. If there is a cable show that we REALLY really want to watch, we might purchase the series on iTunes. That takes care of our TV watching needs, for half of what we were spending before on TV/Internet/Phone service. (I can call Guam for free, which was a part of keeping the home phone service.)

That takes care of everything except WORLD CUP SOCCER!

This kind of sucks. I can’t watch a game without going to a pub, bar, or restaurant. Which kind of defeats the purpose of staying home and saving money, right? The Univision channel comes in on my antenna, but there’s just something “off” about not understanding what the commentators are saying. Time to brush up on my Spanish skills?

On a positive note, most restaurants and pubs have specials going on to attract customers, so we can have a pint and some appetizers without going crazy buying dinner.

I still think it was a good idea, canceling the TV service. It allows for more meaningful interactions  and activities at home. We all still have our phones and the computers, so what’s the big deal, anyway? However, Joe misses the DIY and cooking shows on the cable channels. <sigh> Time will tell if we ever go back to a pay TV service. Ask me about it again when the Summer Olympics start.


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